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Progma Web Design - e-commerce and e-business solutions for Chicago and beyond

Delivering e-business solutions

Increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving efficiency, maximizing customer retention - these are easily defined goals of e-business projects.

These goals are especially relevant at the present time of globalization and uncertainty when demands of growth have to be balanced with fiscal restraint. Business necessity dictates the ever-accelerating pace of change - processes must be fine-tuned and automated, new applications must be created, legacy and business-partner applications must be integrated with customer and vendor data, systems must be migrated to new environments.

The challenge is obvious and immanent. The solution is in finding a technology partner who has the focus and skills, the dedication and talent necessary for rapidly building robust software applications that meet the needs of the business.

Progma, Inc. is a global provider of information technology consulting and software services. Through a diverse network of senior business consultants and software developers we deliver comprehensive technology solutions that include application development, system conversion, application integration, business intelligence, and application maintenance services. Clients leverage Progma's Global Servicing Model to achieve rapid time-to-market for software releases, to reduce development and support costs, to access skilled labor resources, and to build solutions that provide them with a greater competitive advantage.

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