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Permission Server

Permission Server is a software tool designed to set and manage multilevel security authorizations for applications that require control of user data-access rights. All application fields on every form and filter across all hardware platforms - LAN, PDA, and the Internet - are controlled by Permission Server. This tool enables the developers to easily add a fast, reliable, and very flexible security mechanism to Windows based systems.

The list forms and the list of classification fields are custom tailored during the deployment process. User access rights (visible, not-visible, read-only, write) to specific fields are controlled by the system administrator via Permission Server console.

Permission Server also manages filters and data availability. Using Permission Server capabilities any part of a report or form can be restricted from viewing by an un-authorized user. No additional development effort is needed to set and apply this restriction.

The Windows Administrator interface provides the ability to create new users and groups and control their rights and permissions to view and change data fields. The Administrator can block a user from seeing any field on a report or on the access filter at the same time limiting the values that the user can select in the drop-down lists.

By manipulating the access rights to the status fields flexible workflow scenarios can be created and supported.

Please contact us to find out more about Permission Server.

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